General Information & How to Book


Where and when?

Simply decide which tour you would like to attend and the dates you wish to travel. If you're not sure which event may be more suitable for you then please just give us a call to discuss first.

Coach or fly?

The most economical way to travel as a group is on the coach and nearly all our groups prefer to choose this option. However, if you'd prefer to fly - bear in mind that most of the airlines are not group-friendly and charge more per person, the larger your group. You'll also need to pay for the flights up front on top of the standard deposit, so you'll need to act quickly if you want a flight based package. If we book the flights you'll be ATOL protected, but you may find it easier to simply book the flights yourselves and let us handle the rest of the tour. If you are booking a flight-exclusive package, please contact us and obtain written confirmation regarding your booking prior to booking your flights.

Accommodation options:

All our accommodations have been checked by us in advance and are suitable for student groups. They do vary from one destination to another, so check the tour prices and descriptions before you decide. You can choose between hotel or apartment options for LLoretfest and select either self-catering, bed and breakfast or half board options (dinner also included). Self-catering and bed and breakfast options are available in the excellent Dublin hostels we use.

Excursions and Extras:

Excursions can be added by individuals or the group as a whole either at the booking stage or at any subsequent point up until the final payment deadline. Some excursions may also be purchased in resort, although you may secure a better deal by buying as a group in advance.

Travel Insurance:

It's a condition of booking that everyone travels with adequate travel insurance, although it's not compulsory to purchase insurance from us. The cover we offer is arranged by Fogg Travel Insurance, used by many leading tour operators and with considerable experience of student tours. An EHIC (European Health Insurance card) should be carried by all students, but it does not replace travel insurance as amongst other things neither cancellation nor repatriation is included. Do not travel without adequate insurance. Remember, exclusions and conditions apply to all insurance policies and you will not be covered due to any self-exposure to peril, or if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


Group Leader benefits:

We know how important your role as a Group Leader is in booking the tour and co-ordinating your group, so we offer some excellent benefits to Group Leaders. These include VIP cards, free excursions and free places (see individual tours for details). Additional free places for SU staff overseeing very large centrally organised groups are also available. Remember, you are responsible for liaising with us before and during tour and passing on all information supplied to you to your tour members, as well as ensuring that deadlines for information and payments are met by your group.

Free places:

We offer a generous 1:20 free place ratio meaning that every 21st person can travel free on tour. Either travel free as a Group Leader(s) or split the value of any free places amongst your committee or tour members as you wish. Some free places carry additional benefits (see individual tours for details).

Signing up:

Registering for tour is easy by visiting the website at and clicking on 'Book your Tour.' Simply choose your package, payment method and enter your personal details and we'll send you a confirmation e-mail. You can then either sign up individuals from your party on their behalf, or direct them to the website to sign up themselves. You'll need to authorise them into your group before they can be accepted.

Online facility:

Each year we improve the online facility based on feedback from Group Leaders and the system gives you the ability to manage and oversee your group members. You can appoint administrators or captains to look after teams within your group if you a booking a larger party. You can create your own home page, upload information and send messages to participants. Full "Booking System Guidelines" can be downloaded from the website.

Payment options:

As a group, you have the option to pay online or make traditional payments collectively if you prefer. The online system allows you to make payment instalments individually at any stage (subject to the stated deadlines) by debit or credit card. A small per person charge is payable for use of the online system but no additional fees are imposed for the processing of your payments. Alternatively, you are welcome to send us a single bank transfer (BACS) or a single cheque (payable to SportsParty) to collectively pay for all the individuals in your party from a central account, free of charge.

Payment schedule:

You will be required to make individual deposit payments to secure your places on tour (typically £60 per person) by the deadline dates, but ideally as soon as possible after booking. All deposit payments are strictly non-refundable. Your final balance payment must be paid by the deadline date shown and we reserve the right to treat your tour as cancelled if these have not been received on time. Should you request an extension for any reason, then this will only be valid if authorised in writing by us in advance.

Damage deposits & Tourist Tax:

Sometimes accidents do happen, so damage deposits are required to cover any damages that may occur on tour. The amounts and payment methods differ from one tour to another (see individual tours for details). These may be added to the package price you pay online in advance, but are typically paid in resort on arrival at check-in. They are refunded, less any amount held back to compensate suppliers, as soon as practicable thereafter. In 2013, a new Tourist tax was introduced in Spain. For groups travelling to LLoretfest, an amount of 0.50 Euro per person per night is payable directly to the hotel at check-in on your arrival.

Cancellations and Name changes:

Should you wish to cancel as a group or individually, then cancellation charges will apply. Please see our standard booking terms and conditions for details. Once a booking has been made, we understand that some tour members may drop out along the way. Name changes are possible on the online system and may be free of charge at an initial stage. Names changes for coach groups will be subject to an administration charge of £35 per person from 2-8 weeks prior to travel. Name changes thereafter may be possible on request at a further cost. Name changes on flight tours are often very expensive, depending on the appropriate airline.

Passports, visas and EHIC:

You are responsible for ensuring that you and your group have the correct documentation required to travel including valid passports and any visas that may be required. Let us know if you need a confirmatory letter from us to help you process any visa applications. Please note that visa applications can take several weeks to process, so we recommend you start this process as soon as possible. Remember, we won't accept any liability for your failure to have the correct documentation for you and your tour members to travel to your selected destination. Everyone that qualifies should travel with an up to date EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). Please keep photocopies of all important documents.

Special Requirements:

Any special requirements, needs or requests must be made at the initial booking stage if we are to attempt to accommodate your request.


Coach and ferry travel:

You are required to supply us at booking with one nominated 'Pick-Up point' on the UK mainland and as long as your group has at least 25 persons travelling together, the coach will meet you there for departure. Smaller groups may be required to meet at a collective regional pick-up point instead. We endeavour to ensure that all members of a group can travel together, but this is not always operationally possible based on the numbers travelling in your party and the capacities and allocations of the coaches we contract. Due to additional costs incurred, unfortunately there is a supplement of £20 per person for coach departures from Scotland (Lloretfest only). Please see our Code of Conduct for notes on travel by coach and ferry.

Flight groups:

Airport transfers in your destination country are included in your package when you book a flight or flight-exclusive package with us as long as you have a minimum of 15 persons travelling together on the same flight. Your arrival and departure airport must be agreed with us in advance and the times and flight numbers supplied to us at least 4 weeks prior to travel to qualify. Coach transfers may be shared with other groups travelling to resort. Should you have less than these minimum numbers travelling together, or select an airport other than approved by us, a supplement will be applicable should you still wish us to book transfers for you.


We'll supply a rooming allocation to you with your Final Tour Details, although we may be able to supply these earlier on request. A rooming list will be required from you prior to tour as this facilitates the check-in process on arrival. Specific requirements must be requested at the Booking stage. Supplements will be charged for single and twin room occupancy where these have been specifically requested by you.

Sport on tour:

Our festivals are staffed by experienced and qualified officials under the management of a tournament director. The facilities we use for the festivals have all been checked by us or our representatives in advance. You'll be asked to enter an indicative number of teams at the booking stage and to confirm the exact number of teams you will enter no later than 4 weeks prior to tour. A minimum number of participants are required to enter selected categories (please visit the sports section on the relevant festival page for full details). Sports arrangements vary at each festival depending on the number of teams entered into any given category and may feature a tournament format, festival matches or a friendly match instead. On tailor-made tours, we are happy to organise friendly matches and training facilities based on the tour package that has been agreed and we'll work closely with you to ensure the best possible itinerary.

Options for clubs & societies:

Clubs and societies travelling to the festivals can still enjoy the fun. We offer free excursions (see individual tours for details) instead of tournament entry and a special interest activity can be organised subject to other participating groups, although a supplement may be required if appropriate.

Final Tour Details:

The 'Final Tour Details' we send you approximately 10 days prior to travel will confirm your accommodation, travel times, rooming allocation and transfers. These will only be sent once all payments and information that is required from you has been received by us. Any changes requested by you after this stage will incur administration charges, should these still be possible. Please distribute to all tour members and leave copies with a responsible individual back at home, who you know can be contacted during tour in case of an emergency.

Downloads & Documents:

A number of important documents will be available on the 'Downloads' section of the website at prior to tour. It is essential that you read these and ensure that all your tour members do likewise as soon as these are made available. These documents include Insurance policy wording, Safety Guide, Resort map and Tournament schedules. Please take sufficient copies with you on tour and save these for easy access.

Responsible touring:

In signing up for tour you and your group agree to adhere to our 'Code of Conduct' as well as any specific Code of Conduct that you may choose to implement specific to your university or group. Our suppliers all have their own conditions as well, to which you should also adhere. All are aimed at ensuring your safety and wellbeing on tour. Remember, you should act responsibly at all times both individually and collectively.

T&Cs and Code of Conduct:

A copy of our standard 'Terms and Conditions' is available at and combined with our Code of Conduct and any appendix, form the basis of any group booking with us.