Safety & Security

Our Safety Procedure

Procedures are in place to make sure that we take every precaution to ensure best practice for the preparation, organisation and operation of your trip.

Safety Management System
  • Coach company checks including licence, insurance and safety documentation.
  • Accommodation inspections to assess fire, safety, hygiene and suitability
  • Audits of sports facilities and featured nightclub venues
  • Training, experience and professionalism of our staff and representatives
  • Accident and emergency procedures and 24 hour assistance

Personal Responsibility

All passengers must take reasonable care for their own safety at all times. Being on tour can be a fantastic experience of course, but any trip brings with it certain risks which you should attempt to minimise. Furthermore, in signing the booking form you are also agreeing to our terms and conditions with reference to the conduct of your group, including but not limited to damages and behaviour.

Know before you go

We are a Partner of the Know Before You Go campaign. KBYG is an ongoing campaign aiming to help Brits to stay safe and healthy abroad.

The campaign was launched in 2001 by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to promote these key messages:

  • Get adequate travel insurance
  • Check FCO's country and travel advice
  • Research your destination - know the local laws and customs
  • Visit your GP as soon as possible before travelling
  • Check your passport is in good condition and valid and you have all necessary visas
  • Make copies of important travel documents and/or store them online using a secure data storage site
  • Tell someone where you are going and leave emergency contact details with them
  • Take enough money and have access to emergency funds

Every year thousands of British travellers seriously regret not taking these simple steps.

You should also read the travellers checklist - it's full of practical tips for having a safe and enjoyable time.

Tour Watch - Responsible Touring


TourWatch is a group of leading sports tour operators who organise sports tours and festivals for British University students. TourWatch exists to provide a communication forum between these festival organisers and to promote the concept of 'Responsible Touring'.

FCO Travel Guidance

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office provide invaluable information for those travelling abroad and we would encourage everyone to read their country and travel advice.